Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger

The Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger replaces the standard WordPress build-in ping functionality and makes many improvements to it. It is based on, and an improved version of, the (now discontinued) Smart Update Pinger v2.00 by Christian Davén.

Current version: v3.1

Supports WordPress versions: v2.00 – Current (including v3.0+)

License: GNU/GPL


1. Services are only pinged when a new post is created (not when an existing post is edited)
2. For future posts, services are only pinged when the post has appeared on your blog
3. Detailed reverse-style (newest entries first) logging
4. ‘Ping services now’ function
6. Auto-selects whether to do an extended or normal ping
7. For extended pings, it uses the new URL instead of just the homepage URL to ping (resulting in a much higher quality ping)

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