Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger
Installation Instructions

How to install the “Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger” plugin?

1. Download the “Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger” plugin zip file

2. Unzip the zip file. You will find 5 files in there:
\installation-instructions.txt (same as this page)
\license.txt (a copy of the GNU v2 license under which this program is released)

3. Using FTP software upload the directory \ultimate-plugins-smart-update-pinger\ to the /wp-content/plugins/ folder on your web server
Do not change the directory or file name or the log function will not work

4. Set the rights of ultimate-plugins-smart-update-pinger.log to 777 using your FTP software

5. Login to WordPress and click on the “plugins” tab

6. Click “Activate” on the Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger” plugin line

7. Click on the Options tab and then on the ‘UP Smart Update Pinger’ tab to setup the plugin

8. Use the ping services listed in update-services.txt to fill in ‘URIs to Ping’
     Read the update-services.txt file for more information, including a warning against using to many ping services

9. Read the plugin’s usage instructions

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