Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger
Usage Instructions

How to use the “Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger” plugin?

Before you review this, read the installation instructions

Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger Overview

  • List the services to be pinged in the URIs to Ping list
  • Tick “Enable pinging” if you want pinging to be enabled (this can be unticked if you are testing something on your site and do not want to ping)
  • Tick “Detailed Logging” if you want to have detailed logging.
    Remember that this uses much disk space on your server so you should use this for testing purposes only.

Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger Buttons

  • Click “Delete Log File” to delete the log file. This can also be used after installation to see if you set the file rights correctly (see the installation instructions for more information)
  • Click “Ping Services Now!” to ping all the configured services with the homepage only now.
    This should only be used if you know what you are doing. Pinging to much can get you labeled as a ping spammer.
  • Click “Update Options” when you have changed the options on this page to save the settings.

Also remember to review the screenshot section to find out how to read the log file.

Note: if your ‘URIs to Ping’ list is empty when you refresh the page, or when services are not being pinged at all, then you likely have the ‘I would like to block search engines, but allow normal visitors‘ option set in options > privacy.

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