Don’t Let Your WordPress Blog Get Banned!

WARNING WARNING: Using a default WordPress installation can get your blog banned on ping services!

There are some major issues with the default WordPress ping system which can get your blog banned on different ping services

What is a ping service?

A ping service (also named ‘ping system’) is an ongoing list of “blogs that have been updated recently” for the purpose of letting search engines (and other users) know that your blog has been updated with new content

What is a ping?

When you “ping”, you are sending a short message to a ping server indicating that your blog has been updated with new content. This will list your blog on the ping service “recently updated blogs” list

What are the advantages of pinging?

* Getting indexed faster by the search engines
* Other people start linking to your content when they see your ping
* Services like Technorati spider your site
* You can get some instant traffic

Great! So how do I ping?

WordPress does this by default for you.

However, the WordPress default pinging system is flawed!

So what’s the issue?

In fact, there are three major issues:

1. Pinging ping services to often can get your blog banned from using them because of ping spamming

WordPress will by default send a ping to ping services whenever you write a new post on your blog – which is great and exactly what we want – but it will also send a ping whenever you edit a post

So if you edit a post 5 times it will send 5 pings for the same post!

2. The next issue is that WordPress does NOT ping by default for future posts

If you write a post and give it a future timestamp, WordPress will not send a ping when the post is listed. Especially for people that write future posts, or those that load a set of posts in wordpress to be listed in the future this a major issue

3. A final issue is that there is no log available of pings

WordPress does not tell you what it pinged and when it pinged it

That also means you have no way of knowing wheter your pings are even working or not!

So what’s the solution?

Before wordpress 2.1 you could have used Smart Update Pinger, written by Christian Davén, but unfortunately that plugin does not work anymore on newer wordpress istallations as Christian stopped developing this plugin. This plugin also did not fix the future posts issue and also had a limited log

But now there is the Ultimate Plugins Smart Update Pinger – a new & upgraded version of the Smart Update Pinger by Christian Davén that fixes all the problems above, and works even with the latest WordPress releases!

This plugin will:

1. Ping services only when a new post is created, not when a post is updated
2. Ping services for future posts only when the post appears on your blog
3. Provide you with a detailed overview of each ping operation the plugin makes
4. Provide you with a “ping now” functionality
5. Check if a service supports extended or normal pings and ping accordingly
6. Use the new URL instead of just the homepage URL to ping, resulting in a much higher quality ping (extended pings)

and more… Checkout the plugin details here

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